After 15-20 years of quasi-nomadic existence (NYC, Seattle, and Istanbul) and slow traveling some places in between, currently practicing the art of stillness in Istanbul. Obsessing with music and the outdoors.
Latent curiosity at all kinds of "borders": Our artistic and neurotic exchanges with death, and representation/communication at the so-called human/nonhuman borders to disrupt humanist, “user”-centered perspectives in design and media.
2019 Essay: Pursuit of the Inclusive in Human-centered Design and Media, in English at Medium and in Turkish at Birikim.  
2018 Doctoral Dissertation: Death, Borders, and Media Technologies, submitted for a PhD in Philosophy, Arts, and Critical Thought (formerly Media and Communications).
mixed- and multi-media artwork
tapes vs. sunsets
memorial for once-self
tape material
2019 Tape Series above, a meditation on memory, identity, and (im)permanence.
2016-2007 Find more ancient work here.  
design & consulting work
Making a living as a Creative and Design Consultant, and (Copy)writer / editor in Arts, Media, Communication, Design, and Social Sciences.