Wind & Light is a remix of Antonio Canova's cupid and psyche. It is an abstract interactive micronarrative, translating the power of the wind to light. 
1m x 1m, Arduino & Processing, sensors, laser-cut plane.
A ceramic artist at the Pottery Northwest in Seattle taught me that "hands are eyes" sometimes. 

A series of pinched and painted containers. 
Tones: I Am Touched was a participatory, interactive digital storytelling and data visualization experiment. Abstract micro-narratives. This is a sample video from the installation at the 6th Int'l Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling 2013, Istanbul:
Have you ever thought about how many times something or someone touches you in any given day? Do these touches make you feel inspired, loved, violated, ...? Touching is complex communication. Sometimes, we are ‘touched’ by a poem or a beautiful sunset. Sometimes, we are ‘touched’ by a friend’s hug or a lover’s kiss. Sometimes we are exposed to violence and accidents... In this participatory piece, I invited authors to log when they are touched on a given day and try to think like a machine by categorizing how they have been touched (violence, isolation, belonging, love, inspiration), to emphasize the ridiculousness/inadequacy of algorithmic thinking when it comes to our sense of touch. These data were collected and curated via SMS, Twitter, and the project’s website, categorized by a simple algorithm, and mapped to abstract visuals. An individual's mood is shown together with the average mood of all participants.
Two self-portraits. (1) Big Data was a subjective and inaccurate 'data visualization' of a series of sketches and writings of ideas, projects, relationships, and thought patterns. (2) Hapiness was a year-long meditation on all the sayings that came out of the fortune cookies I did not eat and all the Yogi tea I drank, X-Ray, and branches from the paths I walked.​​​​​​​
Path to Self-Transcendence was an interactive video installation built with Processing, Arduino, laptop, projector, video, and garbage from New York City streets. Dozens of American TV commercials, slightly modified and tagged according to the human need they mainly aim to fulfill. Objects collected from NYC garbage are displayed on the floor, and when picked up from the floor, a commercial is played. A sample video below to the right:​​​​​​​
My Master's thesis project, YouTag, was a participatory design/art experiment exploring frivolous and self-expressive applications of RFID tagging and internet of things. A platform, a channel in physical space that enables one to broadcast artwork on themselves or city objects by digitally tagging other city dweller's most precious private property: the cell phone. Drawing on the Situationist movement, street art, graffiti, and sticker art, it introduces a mobile and situational aspect as critique and an intervention into our daily lives. The content for the prototype was developed in collaboration with the skater kids from Skateistan.
Tension was a series of 10x10x10cm 3D print outs. Abstraction of the movement of birds as they take flight from the playground in Alfred Hitchcock's Birds.
A collaborative study in non-linear narrative and interactive screens with one script and 3 different stories depending on which screen you are watching. Times before VR glasses.
Some grad school new media art projects, created mostly while I was learning Processing and exploring interactivity in art works:
Sacrifice was created on the web with Processing. Exploring unconditional love and sacrifice, whether it exists and for what, by crawling the web for sentences that start with "I would give up.."
Dandelion was created with Processing, laptop, microphone. The image of the flower disintegrates when you blow into the microphone.
Disrupting the Rhythm of Black Lines was an interactive Mondrian remix created with Processing. You can disrupt the rhythm with your mouse.
Human, A Self Portrait was the result of an experiment with Processing, camera, and projector as I am looking for myself in a completely dark room, painting on air with a laser light.
some illustrations
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