As the lead designer on this project, I represented the design team and presented to internal stakeholders and client meetings during which we gathered requirements and iterated on prototypes based on feedback. The three product offerings for this data delivery platform were based on three different audiences; from executives who wanted an overview to those who required access to detailed and up-to-date data.
+ Working with project managers, financial domain experts, data engineers, creative director and a graphic designer, conducted stakeholder interviews, light competitive and secondary research, ideation and sketching meetings. 
+ Created and presented pitch material, initial concepts & high level framework to the client. These were detailed and presented later on as low fidelity information architecture and interaction design documents. 
+ Pairing up with a visual designer, we then gathered design feedback through prototypes and screenflows. I also designed the data visualizations, interaction patterns and started preparing a styleguide.
Navigational systems and workflows were probably the most complex I had worked on until then, especially with the added challenge of learning a completely new vocabulary of the finance industry and needs of personas in this world. This project was fun in the sense that it was great for learning since it was sort of a textbook case for how a waterfall design process could be executed at the time, like so:
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