Cupid & Psyche Remix
A lighting fixture inspired by Antonio Canova's sculpture, Cupid & Psyche. It interacts with the wind. Arduino, Processing, sensors, laser-cut plane.
I like making things with my hands. I learned from someone that 'hands are eyes.' I played around with clay and made different kinds of containers.
2013 / I'm touched
Digital Storytelling Experiment. Did you ever think about how many times and how you are touched in any given day? How does that affect your mood? How does your mood compare to the average mood of others? What does a touch communicate? Can that be categorized?..
2011 / Self Portrait 2
A subjective and inaccurate 'data visualization' of a series of ideas, relationships and thought patterns.
2010 / self portrait 1 - Justice, anyone?
A year-long meditation on sayings from fortune cookies and yogi tea. Boulder, CO.
2009 / Path To Self-Transcendence
Interactive Installation. Maslow's hierarchy of needs and American TV commercials.
2009 / Master's Thesis for NYU, ITP
My thesis project for NYU's ITP. YouTag is a participatory design / art project exploring frivolous and self-expressive applications of RFID tagging and internet of things.
2008 / Tension
Tiny 3D print outs. Abstraction of the movement of birds as they take flight - from the playground in Hitchcock's Birds.
2008 / Grad school work, collaboration.
A study in non-linear narrative and interactive screens with one script and 3 different stories.
2007 / More grad school new media art projects
Mostly while learning Processing and exploring interactivity in art works.