‘Tones: I Am Touched’ is an experiment collective authoring, personal data logging and abstract visual narrative.
Touch is complex communication, hard to analyze. Sometimes, we are ‘touched’ by a poem or a beautiful sunset. Sometimes, we are ‘touched’ in the form of a friend’s hug or a lover’s kiss. Sometimes we might long for someone’s touch. Or maybe we are exposed to violence and accidents... In this collaborative piece, invited authors shared their tiny fragments of violence, isolation, belonging, love, inspiration… which were collected and curated via SMS, Twitter and the project’s website. 
Visualizations and manipulation of these abstract and qualitative data are achieved by quantitative, imposed, rational structures, categorizations or algorithms that are actually subjective and maybe even irrational or ridiculous in the way they are framed.
Here's a sample video from the installation at : Int'l Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling 2013, Istanbul